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As permanent as stone, so are the standards found here.

Smith Stonework has been in business for over 20 years, providing high quality, immaculate stone masonry. We are a member of the Canadian Masonry Contractors Association and the Masonry Institute of British Columbia.

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Natural and cultured stone, interior, exterior, brick, repairs, repointing, renovation, residential, commercial, hardscape, tile installation, historic renovations and custom stone art installations; we have the experience and knowledge to complete your project beyond your expectations.

Cultured Stone

Man-made stone veneer that mimics natural stone’s appearance, offering versatility and cost-effectiveness.


The meticulous process of replacing deteriorated mortar in masonry joints to maintain structural integrity and appearance.

Natural Stone

Authentic, quarried stone with unique textures and colors, ideal for timeless and durable masonry projects.


Flat, thin pieces of ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone used for flooring, walls, and decorative accents in masonry projects.


Traditional clay or concrete blocks used in construction, known for their strength, insulation, and aesthetic appeal.

Historic Restorations

Skilled craftsmanship in preserving and repairing historical masonry structures, blending tradition with modern techniques.

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Kirsten and Dwayne Richardson

It feels like we have been renovating our house for the past 3 years so we have dealt with many contractors. Brady (Smith Stonework) was referred to us by a friend and he was professional from the very first phone call. We needed our brick work done quickly (we couldn’t wait 3 weeks of longer like some contractors wanted) and Brady and his boys were fantastic…/

Brent and Carmelle

If you are looking for a contractor to do a professional job at a reasonable price and within a specific time frame, then Smith Stonework Inc. is the contractor you should consider. After receiving a few estimates, my wife and I decided to put our trust into Brady to do the work for us. They provided a detailed estimate plus a “renovation contract” which included every aspect…/


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